A digital presence can be many things. With G1, it's powerful.

Online and web design

Is the web at the heart of your communications? We think it ought to be. Not the only thing that you do, and maybe not the most important. But it should be there - and above all, it should be professional. Why? Your online presence is 24/7. Always on. Always around. It can persuade a global audience, or win you new admirers in the neighbouring town. It’s a shop front, if you want it to be. Or, a place to talk to traveling sales staff. It can be a brochure. A style guide. 

How much is a website?

We can see you enjoy trick questions. Like many things in life, websites come in all shapes and sizes. Some are wee as a squirrel. Others are mighty as a gorilla. And by golly, the pet shop charges a very different amount for either. But, all this technical talk aside, it doesn’t have to be confusing. If you have an idea for a website, a quick chat with G1 can explore the best way to bring it to life, with no fuss or tears. We can explain the best features to reach your audience - maybe movies and flash, or maybe just html. We can explain what you can get for your budget - or how much your ideas will add up to.

Bird on top of the World

Website Design & Build

Simple questions can be the best. Like: what do you want your website to do? We can help you explore the possibilities - not just with new websites, but with adaptations, refreshes, and new sections, too. G1 can plan and design your website or microsite, with the virtue of a bespoke website design - not the stale templates your competitors might use. We think that if you’re unique, you deserve a unique website. It makes for a better fit.

Content Management Systems

With G1’s Content Management Systems, your website is a tamed animal. Still mighty as a gorilla - but now, on your side. Our CMS lets you update your website in-house, in a way that’s simple, quick and reliable. Most importantly - without horrible mistakes. Our basic CMS is great for smaller sites, and our e-commerce system is a nifty way to manage a heftier online sales presence. So now, your website can have up-to-date information whenever you need.

Domains, Email & Web Hosting

We don’t host every website that we create, but we do offer hosting if you need it. Our off-site servers are secure, robust, and give you reliably high uptime. That’s why they’re a smart choice for any client, but are especially popular with sites running vital tools like databases and email accounts. Well, you’d hate to drop all those ones and zeros. Fiddly to pick up.

Online Marketing

Whenever people tell us online marketing isn’t their cup of tea, we like to point out that they probably have a much-used Amazon account. (If they’re adventurous, maybe even eBay.) Online marketing works, and it can be a remarkably cost effective way to generate increased audience, awareness and sales. We can help with Pay Per Click, like Google Adwords. Or, social media like Twitter and Facebook. Best of all, we know the relevant laws - so your chatty email campaign won’t have nasty pitfalls.


Sometimes, we stumble across amazing websites that are hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the web. And that’s a shame, because they don’t have to be wallflowers. With Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, your website can rapidly rise up the search engine rankings - making it appear in more web searches, and winning you higher visitor numbers. Fortunately, we can help with every part of SEO - from better links and page titles to page ranking strategies.


The web is full of words. Some good. Some bad. Some ‘meh’. If you want your website to work well, professional copywriting is vital. At G1, we ‘get’ copy writing for the web. We understand the way it’s different to print, and we understand how to deliver your message in a way people will stop, pause to look at, and be enthralled by. It’s a busy place, the web. With our copy, you’ll catch those passers-by, and turn them into regulars.

Examples | View Portfolio

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Country Puddings Website Design

Website redesign for our client Country Puddings of Penrith

31 May 2016 | Web Design

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London Recruitment Boutique Agency

Logo Design & Website for London Recruitment Agency

27 May 2016 | Branding, Print, Web Design

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Potfest Logo & Website Design

Redesign of Potfest’s logo and Wordpress website

02 Apr 2016 | Branding, Web Design

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