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Graphic Design & Print

Design matters. It’s who you are - not just the way you look. Design matters on the page too, because people use more print now than ever before. As you’d expect, our design is creative and functional. And our print? We think it’s some of the best around. 

What is Graphic Design?

It’s all around us. Everything you see and read is designed by a graphic designer who did his or her best to make it appealing, interesting and appropriate. Like the newspaper you read in the morning - its title, colours and ‘look’ will all have been carefully selected to give the paper its unique ‘personality’. Then, there’s your favourite social website (or maybe your favourite footy team’s). From the way it looks, to the choice of fonts and the background colours, the site has been created by a professional graphic designer. Even a packet of bin liners or odour controlling shoe insoles will use graphic design for the packaging. (Not that we’d know about that.)

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Brochures, Leaflets & Flyers

The humble leaflet isn’t so very humble, after all. Really, leaflets are one of the best investments any business can make. They’re portable. ‘Pick-uppable’. Convenient and cost effective. (No wonder our flyers, sales sheets and mailers are so popular.) We offer high quality literature too, for companies like English Hardwood Design and InsideOut Buildings, and service literature for West Berkshire Advocacy.

Annual Report & Accounts

They say money talks - we say, give it elocution lessons, just in case. Our annual reports and accounts are a polished way to tell your stakeholders that your firm is capable, confident and open. Like you, we understand the importance of accountability and openness, and like you, we want you to look your best. It’s an approach that made us the natural choice for NHS Cumbria, Carers Network Westminster and The Regional Maternity Survey Office in Newcastle.

Stationery & Business Cards

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Clichéd maybe, but true. That’s why we believe that your business card is the single most important business item you’ll ever invest in. Professionally designed and printed stationery and business cards may be the only part of your brand that people carry with them. If knocking them out on a desktop printer is no longer good enough, we’re here to give you something amazing.

Newsletters, Folders & Inserts

Keep it simple? Why not. E-newsletters are a quick and easy way to reach a wide audience, and physical news sheets and newsletters are no different. They fit into folders, conference packs - and more than a few pockets, if their design catches the eye. The trick is: make them look good, and read even better. That’s where G1 comes in.

Packaging & Point-of-sale

What makes you pick something off the shelves? If the design called out to you, it may just have been G1. We find packaging fascinating - which is handy, as we create so much of it. Like boxes, cartons, tubs, lids and labels. (Our favourite? Ice cream tubs. We’re biased towards the contents.) Because we do our job right, the shopper is fascinated too. Win-win, we think.

Exhibition & Display Graphics

If it’s worth turning up to something, it’s worth turning up in style. Gary’s uncle said that from the back of a horse. The judge failed to see the brilliance of it, but we understand perfectly. That’s why we offer smart, user-friendly solutions for small and large exhibitions alike. We offer graphics - with design and detail you may not have thought possible, even just a few years ago. We design roller banners and pop-up stands, too. If you really want to make a splash, ask us about complete display systems.

Examples | View Portfolio

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London Recruitment Boutique Agency

Logo Design & Website for London Recruitment Agency

27 May 2016 | Branding, Print, Web Design

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Blueberry Hill Shabby Chic Gifts, Interiors Penrith

Brand design for new Penrith gift shop

12 Dec 2015 | Branding, Photography, Print, Web Design

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Traybakes logo and packaging design

A fresh rebrand for Cumbria’s Traybakes

26 Oct 2015 | Branding, Packaging, Photography, Print

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