From FSC toilet paper to a cartridge less Xerox laser printer, we do our best.

Doing our bit

Keen to keep waste and squandry to a minimum, we are always looking out for ways to be right-on and smug, and trust me, its not easy to be silly and smug at the same time.

Environmental Policy

In providing creative design and consultancy services G1 Creative is fully aware of it’s environmental responsibilities to its directors, suppliers, clients and the world as a whole.

As part of our environmental commitment G1 Creative use, wherever possible, electronic communications both within the day to day business of the studio as well as external communications with both clients and suppliers.

G1 Creative’s studio is based in a modern rural redevelopment which was selected to ensure minimal commuting, and due to the high level of environmental considerations implemented within the planning, building, and finishing of the exterior and interior equipment, such as the modern eco-friendly insulation, low energy water heating and room heating systems plus low energy lighting. G1 Creative’s electricity is also currently supplied by Ecotricity which states that it is “The only green electricity that does anything to reduce CO2 emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels”*.

As designers and suppliers of printed materials G1 Creative Limited is acutely aware of the impact this can have on the environment by the very nature of it’s production methods and of waste materials, and the extent of the print industry’s carbon footprint as a whole. That said great strides have been made in the past few years to tackle all areas of print production which has seen the development of Waterless Systems which eliminate waste chemicals being emitted into the environment and the ever increasing use of vegetable based inks, not to mention the increase in FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) papers. In the design for print specification process G1 Creative will continue to suggest and recommend, wherever possible, to its clients the use of these environmentally friendly systems and materials as part of each client’s own requirements in addressing their environmental policy targets.

G1 Creative Limited is committed to regularly reviewing and acting on it’s principle environmental goals:

Recycle: Paper, envelopes, cardboard, junk mail, ink-jet cartridges, laser cartridges, computer and printing equipment.
Energy: Switch off all equipment and lighting when not in use (and over-night). Endevour to purchase/use energy efficient equipment wherever possible, including the purchase of cartridge free laser printers.
Travel: Minimise travel wherever possible.
Local: Use locally based suppliers and where possible use suppliers based locally to our clients to reduce delivery distances.

G1 Creative Limited is committed to - reduce, reuse and recycle.

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