Design concepts for coffee house branding

Posted in BrandingDesignTypographyWork that didn't make it by Gary on 25 Jul, 2015

Coffee brand design

Now this was a lovely design project, sadly things didn’t quite go to plan.

It is great to get your teeth into a subject or sector you haven’t touched in a while. This was no exception. The brief was clear and distinct, it required a brand style that was traditional and the typography was going to be critical,...

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Stage one concept for MoveUp logo design

Posted in BrandingDesignWork that didn't make it by Gary on 23 Jul, 2015

colourful logo designs

The University of Pittsburgh approached us and asked us to design a logo for the Department of Epidemiology’s ‘Mobility, Vitality and Lifetstyle’ campaign. These designs are the original concepts which use a vibrant colour palette.

Tags | University of Pittsburgh, colourful, logo design, slab font, hand drawn font

NatGeo Channel - The Titanic 100 Years

Posted in Work that didn't make it by Gary on 31 Dec, 2014

National Geographic Channel - Titanic

Occasionally we are asked to tender for work, we regularly decline, producing work for free doesn’t pay the bills. However a couple of years ago we were pleased to be contacted by NatGeo (The National Geographic Channel) and asked to submit ideas for their forthcoming series of programmes on the anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic.

Tags | 100 years, Titanic, Nat Geo, National Geographic Channel, 100 Years Deep

Britain’s Energy Coast - Energy Business Opportunities Conference Branding 09

Posted in BrandingDesignWork that didn't make it by Gary on 01 May, 2013

eboc branding

On a few occasions we produce work that never gets seen or just doesn’t hit the mark, for whatever reason, we’ll let you decide if they are worth showing, or not.

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