Design concepts for coffee house branding

Posted in BrandingDesignTypographyWork that didn't make it by Gary on 25 Jul, 2015

Coffee brand design

Now this was a lovely design project, sadly things didn’t quite go to plan.

It is great to get your teeth into a subject or sector you haven’t touched in a while. This was no exception. The brief was clear and distinct, it required a brand style that was traditional and the typography was going to be critical,...

Tags | Coffee shop, Cafe, Barista, logo design, typography, retro logo design

Client well chuffed with his railway illustration

Posted in DesignIllustrationNewsTypography by Gary on 08 Feb, 2015

Beechings Folly, The Lake District, Illustrated Sign Artwork

What helps to get me out of bed in the morning is the variety in our work. Clients, sectors and media. When I was asked if I could help with a project that required an illustrative solution that paid homage to the artist Norman Wilkinson’s railway posters I was as keen as mustard.

Tags | Keswick, The Lake District, Bed and Breakfast, Dr Beeching, Beechings Folly, Cumberland, Railway, Illustration, British Railway Posters

Font men - A celebration of a font empire

Posted in DesignTypography by Gary on 14 Mar, 2014

A behind the scenes look at the work and processes of US font designers Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones

Tags | Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones, font, designers, type design

Typographer’s glossary

Posted in DesignTypography by Gary on 13 Oct, 2012

Typography, fonts, type

Source: Playtype™, a look at the anatomy of letterform. Typographer’s Glossary. @playtype

Tags | Typography, letterform, fonts, type, words, letters, characters, typefaces, Playtype™

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