Our meeting room is [finally] completed, well, almost

Posted in BrandingBusinessMarketingNews by Gary on 17 Dec, 2013

G1 Creative meeting room

Very nearly one year on I am rather proud to say we have [almost] finished the decor in our lovely little meeting room. There was a great deal to do, from preparing walls, repairing damp, ripping out cupboards and removing more dead phone and ISDN lines than you could ever imagine.  Having settled quickly into our three story listed building in Penrith’s St Andrew’s Churchyard we are now looking forward to 2014 with the knowledge we will be less embarrassed to welcome clients and friends alike. Please pop in to see us, for a chat, a coffee or to discuss how we can help you.

All need now is for Santa to bring a nifty little Coffee maker.

G1 Creative meeting roomG1 Creative meeting roomG1 Creative meeting roomG1 Creative meeting room

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