The 7 Spokes of Branding – Michael Johnson

Posted in Branding by Gary on 11 Dec, 2015

Some business people still see branding as simply a thing on their business card, or a name made out of vinyl stuck to the side of their van. Michael Johnson, founder of UK branding agency Johnson Banks gives a talk on branding, the science and psychology, and the way it has morphed and expanded. D&AD represents global creative, design and advertising communities and celebrates brilliance in commercial creativity

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Poking fun at the speculative creative ‘pitch’ process

Posted in BusinessDesign by Gary on 10 Nov, 2015

If it wasn’t so poignant it would be hilarious.

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Design concepts for coffee house branding

Posted in BrandingDesignTypographyWork that didn't make it by Gary on 25 Jul, 2015

Coffee brand design

Now this was a lovely design project, sadly things didn’t quite go to plan.

It is great to get your teeth into a subject or sector you haven’t touched in a while. This was no exception. The brief was clear and distinct, it required a brand style that was traditional and the typography was going to be critical,...

Tags | Coffee shop, Cafe, Barista, logo design, typography, retro logo design

Stage one concept for MoveUp logo design

Posted in BrandingDesignWork that didn't make it by Gary on 23 Jul, 2015

colourful logo designs

The University of Pittsburgh approached us and asked us to design a logo for the Department of Epidemiology’s ‘Mobility, Vitality and Lifetstyle’ campaign. These designs are the original concepts which use a vibrant colour palette.

Tags | University of Pittsburgh, colourful, logo design, slab font, hand drawn font

Branding for the Cumbria Tourism Awards 2015

Posted in BrandingBusinessMarketingNews by Gary on 02 Jul, 2015

Cumbria Tourism Awards evening June 2015

Images are courtesy of Steve Barber Photography

Another sparkling evening at the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal. The Annual Cumbria Tourism Awards celebrates the very best in leisure and tourism across the Lake District and the Cumbria region as a whole.

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How (printing) ink is made

Posted in Printing by Gary on 01 Jun, 2015

A Chief Ink Maker shows how colour and ink is created from the raw ingredients - powder, varnish, and passion. Everything designers and printers need to know about the process, the challenges and joy of ink making.

Tags | Printing, ink, Pantone®, The Printing Ink Company, CMYK, print, pigments

A must see for all [young] graphic designers

Posted in Design by Gary on 17 Mar, 2015

The days before Macs was not long ago, a time when cutting and pasting was literally just that…

Tags | Graphic design, history

Client well chuffed with his railway illustration

Posted in DesignIllustrationNewsTypography by Gary on 08 Feb, 2015

Beechings Folly, The Lake District, Illustrated Sign Artwork

What helps to get me out of bed in the morning is the variety in our work. Clients, sectors and media. When I was asked if I could help with a project that required an illustrative solution that paid homage to the artist Norman Wilkinson’s railway posters I was as keen as mustard.

Tags | Keswick, The Lake District, Bed and Breakfast, Dr Beeching, Beechings Folly, Cumberland, Railway, Illustration, British Railway Posters

NatGeo Channel - The Titanic 100 Years

Posted in Work that didn't make it by Gary on 31 Dec, 2014

National Geographic Channel - Titanic

Occasionally we are asked to tender for work, we regularly decline, producing work for free doesn’t pay the bills. However a couple of years ago we were pleased to be contacted by NatGeo (The National Geographic Channel) and asked to submit ideas for their forthcoming series of programmes on the anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic.

Tags | 100 years, Titanic, Nat Geo, National Geographic Channel, 100 Years Deep

Font men - A celebration of a font empire

Posted in DesignTypography by Gary on 14 Mar, 2014

A behind the scenes look at the work and processes of US font designers Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones

Tags | Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones, font, designers, type design

Our meeting room is [finally] completed, well, almost

Posted in BrandingBusinessMarketingNews by Gary on 17 Dec, 2013

G1 Creative meeting room

In between Christmas and New Year 2012 we took on our Penrith Town Centre offices, see what you think one year on.

Tags | St Andrew's Churchyard, Penrith, Design Company Interiors, Meeting Room Interior

G1 takes on the mark of quality

Posted in BusinessDesignNews by Gary on 03 Sep, 2013

Design Business Association - Logo

We are now proud members of the Design Business Association. The DBA is the UK’s trade association for the design industry…

Tags | DBA, Design Business Association, dba members, trade association, design industry, design agency, designers, graphic designers

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