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At G1, we believe that thoughtful design can make a difference. We build the clever ideas that bring you closer to the right people, and show them how great you really are. And we create tools that make your relationship with clients more interesting, engaging and worthwhile.

You can give it labels if you like. Logos. Branding. Print design. But really? It’s connection. And because we believe in total connection, we can help you communicate in better ways in everything you do. So, you gain stronger branding. More enduring relationships. And healthier balance sheets, too. (As your accountant would say: ‘Ka-ching.’)

If you’d like to stand out, we’d like to help. We’ve delivered in for companies of every kind. We help the private sector, public sector, charities and third way. And we think it would be great if you were our next client.

Gary Lawson

Creative Powerhouse

Gary Lawson - Creative Powerhouse

Gary’s body is a temple (that was his doctor’s idea) and given his love of dressing as a woman, he has certainly benefitted from dropping two dress sizes. Known for his love of sketching Gary will often take pencils and pad on holiday, only to leave them in his suitcase because frankly he can’t be bothered. Contact Gary to discuss your latest project. (At the weekends, just ask for Susan.)

  • Fascinating facts
  • Favourite brand: George at Asda
  • Favourite website:
  • Dislikes: Designers
  • Worst habit: Waving at his own reflection

Louise Lawson

Finance & Administrative Dynamo

Louise Lawson

When not having kittens as she watches her bid on Ebay reaching its climax, Louise splits her time between managing the day to day admin at G1 and running a small south American drugs cartel. At the weekends she will often be found whittling small peices of wood into even smaller pieces of wood, for fun. Contact Louise at your own risk if you would like to discuss payment terms or drugs’n’shiz.

  • Fascinating facts
  • Favourite brand: Cadburys
  • Favourite website:
  • Dislikes: Hairy backs
  • Worst habit: Taking a sharp intake of breath without warning


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