Making a tiny wee difference in a big bad world, that's us!


Here at G1, we’re guided by our values. That means we’re positive about the environment and the local community. We smile at small children and doff our hats to strangers. And - although we don’t like to talk about it - we give fifty pees to charity whenever people aren’t looking. (Which is your favourite? Yeah, we give money to that one all the time. Just oodles.)

Give us a moment to gently shoo away the woodland creatures that have gathered around us, and we can explain even more. (Like what? Like the things just to the right, silly sausage.—>)


Our environmental promise

When was the last time a creative agency gave you a strict promise that it didn’t actively hate the environment? (Aha! You see? They never did, did they?)

At G1, it’s part of our core values. Every day, we operate as efficiently as we can. Always, looking for smarter, greener choices. Every year, reducing our carbon footprint that little bit more. Naturally, we recycle every last thing that we can. (Some of it not even ours.)

Day to day:

  • energy efficient equipment & lighting
  • reduce energy use, heating, water & consumables
  • reuse all packaging
  • recycle equipment and material
  • keep travel to the minimum

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Sustainablity and print

Print is greener than ever, and we couldn’t be happier. For one thing, we work with print suppliers that use the best technology to give you fantastic quality and a niftily small carbon footprint, less chemicals, and less waste. We specify FSC accredited paper stocks, vegetable based inks, waterless printing, carbon offsets, and even the processing of recovered paper.

Every job should be a little green.

That’s why we strive to:

  • recommend the greenest production process for all your materials
  • encourage the use of recycled and sustainable papers, cards, boards and plastics
  • ensure we meet any sustainability policies that you require

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